Earth Mother Midwife
Earth Mother Midwife Services Offered
Well-Woman Care:
Pap Smears
STD testing
Family Planning Referrals
Donor Insemination by ICI
Prenatal Care:
Exceptional prenatal care is provided, including appointments that last from 1-1.5 hours, welcoming the participation of  partners and children, while allowing ample time for questions to be thoroughly answered.
              Monthly prenatal appointments from 4 weeks to 32 weeks
           Bi-weekly prenatal appointments from 32 weeks to 36 weeks
               Weekly prenatal appointments from 36 to 42 weeks
Pregnancy Labs
Library of pregnancy and birth related books available for checkout
Availability by phone for questions that arise between appointments
Birth Services:
Support and encouragement through labor
Skilled attendants, educated in the process of normal birth and armed with the knowledge of when referral for medical attention is necessary.  
Postpartum Services:
Immediate in-home postpartum care following the birth
A minimum of 3 in-home postpartum visits following the birth
A six-week in-office postpartum visit
Breastfeeding support in person as well as by phone
Referrals for further breastfeeding support and family planning needs
Newborn Care:
In-home newborn exam following birth
In-home newborn check-ups during postpartum visit
Referrals to pediatricians, family practice doctors, chiropractors and Naturopathic Doctors
Weight checks during postpartum visits
Additional Services:
Earth Mother Midwife is pleased to offer and refer for additional services to women who are birthing under the care of Erin Frett, LM and women who are birthing elsewhere. Custom packages can be provided for multiple services. Please contact Erin for more information.
Doula Services- Quality in-home and hospital labor support will be provided to birthing mothers, including education prenatally and during the postpartum period.
Postpartum Doula Services- Quality household cleaning, cooking and newborn and breastfeeding assistance will be provided to the family following the birth.
Blessingway- A Blessingway ceremony will be coordinated and organized for the birthing mother, her family and friends to celebrate her transition into motherhood or the increasing size of her family.
Belly Casting- Assistance will be provided to the pregnant mother to make a belly cast and if desired, the mother will be referred to artists in her area for decorating services.
Childbirth Education- Personalized, quality in-home childbirth education classes are available over the course of two full weekend days.
Massage- Pregnancy and postpartum massage will be provided to the mother
Referrals- Referrals will be provided as needed to medical providers, chiropractors, homeopaths, alternative health care providers, massage therapists and community resources such as medicaid, WIC and counseling as needed.
Erin Kaspar-Frett, MS, LM, CPM
Ellsworth, Wisconsin
612-801-9967  715-273-4081